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05/07/40 · A planned $590-million Edmonton Laboratory Clinical Hub — dubbed the ‘Superlab’ — would be nixed under a UCP government, party leader Jason Kenney said Monday. The $640 million that the NDP plans to spend on the superlab and the payout to DynaLife is almost as much as the government budgeted for a new hospital in south Edmonton, Kenney said.

17/08/40 · Construction on an Edmonton Laboratory Clinical Hub — nicknamed the ‘Superlab’ — and referred to as “NDP waste” during the election campaign by premier-designate Jason Kenney has been. 17/08/40 · Under the previous NDP plan, all lab testing would be funnelled through two major hubs by 2022 — the Edmonton superlab and a facility at Calgary Cancer Centre. 01/01/35 · Alberta’s NDP has been pushing Premier Alison Redford’s government to scrap the deal, saying there’s no proof the lab would save money and adding it could actually reduce the quality of. NDP Leader Rachel Notley is promising a better province with more signature bills if Albertans chose to re-elect her party. UCP government would cancel AHS 'superlab' in Edmonton. 17/10/40 · Alberta superlab project approved by NDP now on hold. Calgary Lab Services and labs with Alberta Health Services and Covenant Health merged last.

18/08/40 · Construction on a major project approved by the NDP has been halted. As Tom Vernon reports, news about the superlab in Edmonton comes as the province transitions to a UCP government. The Alberta government has cancelled the $595-million Edmonton superlab project, saying it plans to invest health-care dollars elsewhere in the system. He said the NDP government relied on a. 29/10/40 · In addition to the funding for Amii, the NDP’s $100-million commitment included money for Alberta Innovates — to help the provincially funded corporation expand its work in the area of AI and. When it opted to build a $590-million “Superlab” in Edmonton, Alberta’s former NDP government was relying on sound advice from the Health Quality Council of Alberta, which recommended medical lab services be consolidated under “a single public sector platform.” But never mind the HQCA was set up under legislation created by a previous Conservative government to get itself out of a.

04/07/40 · Alberta Opposition Leader Jason Kenney says a United Conservative government would scrap a medical superlab set to be built in Edmonton. The NDP. 05/07/39 · The NDP government pushed its efforts to rein in the growth of health costs Thursday, unveiling a budget that calls for modest annual increases along with significant new investments in. 04/07/40 · EDMONTON — Alberta Opposition Leader Jason Kenney says a United Conservative government would scrap a medical superlab and revisit a plan to put all laboratory services under government control. NDP’S SUPERLAB MAY NOT BECOME A REALITY-Work on the big Superlab the former NDP government had planned at the U of A’s south campus has come to a screeching halt. That’s because the incoming UCP government wants time to look it over.

Kenney committed a United Conservative government to stopping the NDP’s plan to waste $590 million on a new “Superlab” to replace services that are already being performed efficiently at existing facilities. The UCP will also reverse a $50 million NDP buyout of a.

21/11/40 · The NDP planned the superlab to open in 2022. The real purpose of the superlab was to nationalize Dynalife for $50 million of taxpayers’ money in 2022. That agenda was sheer ideology, and we cancelled it. Instead we’ll work with the lab system to meet the priority needs for patients.
21/11/40 · Shandro doubled down on the government’s view that the “superlab” was ideologically motivated by the NDP, and said the previous government used the project to.

United Conservatives have already announced plans to save taxpayers $590 million by cancelling the proposed Edmonton Laboratory Clinical Hub, known as the “Superlab,” and reversing the NDP’s $50 million payment to Dynalife to further nationalize lab services. 28.

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